Deck and Hardwood Refinishing For The Appleton Area

Taking care of indoor and outdoor wood surfaces in your home or business should not be overlooked. The warmth, beauty, and luster of wood adds dimension to any home. Many homeowners think about their deck and floors but may not consider other wood surfaces that need regular maintenance. Traditional wood fences, doors, windows, and cabinets also need to be consistently refinished to prevent deterioration and enhance beauty.

Painting, staining, and sealing can all be options for wood refinishing depending on a number of factors. Weather conditions and sunlight can cause wood to deteriorate quickly. We can help you protect your wood surfaces from the harmful effects of weather and sun. Trust the experienced wood refinishing experts at Fox Valley Finishing to keep your wood surfaces looking great. Call 920-740-4844 today!

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Know the cost of refinishing wood in and around your home with complete assurance. Some painting contractors and companies offer only a very rough estimate. With Fox Valley Finishing, you won't have any surprise fees or hidden costs.

The Fox Valley Finishing Difference

  • Scheduling: Our wood refinishing teams are skilled and will work to provide you a high-quality result in as short a period of time as possible.
  • Prep Work: Before work begins we always carefully consider the prep work that is done before paint, stain, or sealant is applied. Fox Valley Finishing wood and deck refinishing experts pay close attention to that important prep work that will ensure a high-quality result.
  • Clean-Up: At Fox Valley Finishing we are conscientious when it comes to being clean and tidy. We keep our work area clean and complete a full clean-up quickly after finishing your wood refinishing project.

At Fox Valley Finishing, we've stained, sealed, and refinished wood surfaces throughout the Wisonsin Area, and we know how to make even old and neglected wood surfaces look beautiful. Call and schedule a free in-home estimate with the best wood refinishing team in Appleton.

If you live in Appleton, Little Chute, Greenville, Oshkosh, Neenah or other areas of the Wisonsin area and you've got a wood refinishing project, give Fox Valley Finishing a call today. We'll be happy to give you a free quote for the services you are requesting.

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